Top Trends for Nurseries

One of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby is decorating the nursery for your child’s arrival. Many parents begin thinking of different themes and deciding on the color scheme early on in the pregnancy. When you want a trendy and appealing nursery, there are a few trends to consider for the space.

Bold Graphics

Although nurseries are known for their lovely and soft patterns that are often used, the room has transitioned into a place where bold graphics reign. From black cross decals on the walls to crib sheets that feature ice cream cones, more people are looking for eye-catching prints that make a statement. You can have a bit of fun with bold graphics that break all the rules and embrace being a child.


Bohemian is a common theme for 2017 and creates a relaxed environment in the nursery that is chic and laidback. Boho is easy to execute with neutral color shades and dreamcatchers are used to decorate. Consider adding reclaimed wood shelves on the walls or gold accents that pop. Garlands can also be incorporated, which will look beautiful when used above the crib or attached to the bars of the crib.

Adding a teepee in the corner of the room will also make for a fun place to play for the child as he or she begins to crawl.

Bold Rugs

Area rugs are becoming one of the main focal points in nurseries where babies can spend plenty of tummy time or learn how to crawl. Consider adding Peekaboo Baby round nursery rugs, which have a softer design that will work for either a boy or girl’s room and will balance out the square design of the crib. Many rugs feature a fur material or depict a map where the child can play.

Pastel Palettes

Pastels are easy on the eyes and will soften up the room when you’re preparing to bring your baby home for the first time. Pastels embrace a classic nursery look that can incorporate plenty of blues, pinks, yellows, and white color shades. You can also add in a few decor pieces that are brighter, which includes dusted yellows and salmon.


From succulents to shade plants, nurseries are now featuring plenty of elements from the outdoors that brighten up the space and also clean the air in the room. Plants are ideal for hanging from the ceiling to keep them out of reach for your child and will create a cozy environment that feels cheery. A faux fig leaf tree can also be placed next to the crib to fill in a bare corner and add height to the setting.

Creating the perfect nursery for your little one will require a bit of imagination while also incorporating a few trends to make it look updated. With the right color shades and materials, you’ll enjoy spending plenty of time in the room with your baby and creating your first memories together.