Working Moms Can Breastfeed Too: Best Breast Pumps for Busy Moms

Juggling between a day job and feeding a new baby is often hard for new moms. There is always something that has to be accomplished in the office when at the same time, house chores keep piling up. Additionally, since you are breastfeeding your newly born, preparing breast-milk bottles in advance is one important task that can help you when it’s time to feed your child.

Pre-made breastfeeding bottles not only come in handy for mums but for dad’s too when they take the young ones for a stroll. Preparing early for any event is not easy, and having the breast-milk on standby can save you a lot of time when you are involved with your daily work matters. That is the reason why you need a reliable breast pump. Now the question is do you go for a budget pump, an all-around best breast pump or the popular brand breast pump?

Let us look at a variety of breast pumps that you can select from:

Medela Pump in Style advanced: All round

This breast pump is a package that has a built-in cooler to store your milk at a cool temperature range before you get it to a refrigerator. This device also has five different types of breast shields which are packed in a simple bag that is easy to carry. Some of the pump’s key features include a let-down button and a quiet running pump. The pump is highly reliable, thanks to the exceptional reviews that have not reported any cases of malfunction so far.


Five breast shields that come in different sizes.

It offers cold storage.

It is suitable for long-term use.

It is easy to carry.

It produces a good quantity of milk in short time.


One has to have the bag close by when pumping.

It is less comfortable than the manual pump.


This is a great pump to have as it is convenient for any mum to get started with breastfeeding whenever needed.

Spectra Baby S2 Single/Double Pump: Super Quiet

The Spectra Baby S2 is a great choice for mums because of it’s easy to control buttons making it easily accessible for mums to control the vacuum strength and speed. Once the pump is on, it starts in the simulation mode which enables the let-down to reflect, initiating expression. Once another push is made, the expression mode is turned on.

The strength of the pump is important to maintain a good milk supply. If you pump frequently, your routine will help safeguard the future production of right amounts of milk, resulting in a satisfied baby. Your breasts can become tender which can lead to a painful experience on the next pump. If you are not able to produce the requisite amount of milk, you will have to pump quite often to trick your body into producing it more. The pump of the S2 has a maximum vacuum of 320 mmHg, and an easy setting can mimic the actions of your baby; stimulating the body to produce more milk.


Super lightweight.

It is very quiet allowing for privacy.

It is affordable.

It has a strong motor.


It does not come packed in a bag.

The bottles that accompany the pump are not of the highest quality.


The S2 pump is a really amazing product for mums who are looking for a very strong breast feeding pump.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast pump: Most popular

This device is one of the best breast pumps for mums because of its effectiveness as a manual pump. Medela, the parent company, has produced these pumps for years, and they have improved its manual pumping design for mums. The pump is very light to carry, small and comfortable to hold, and it is simple to operate on one breast at a time.


It is quiet.

It is highly affordable.

It is easy to manage and use.


It is used on one breast at time

It is not good for frequent use.


If you need a very simple breast feeding pump for emergency purposes or for regular usage, this is a suitable pump that most mums use.